Safawat Riyadh company for general Construction
is one of the leading companies in 2030

logov1 One of the leading companies and a significant number in all its fields

Safwat Al Riyadh for  general construction Company was established as Individual establishment under the name of (Engineer Jasser Abdul Mohsen Al Otaibi Contracting Establishment), then it joined the Safwa Al Riyadh Group of Companies and turned into a limited company under the name (Safwat Al Riyadh Company for General Construction Ltd.) and since its converted to a company it has diversified its contracting business to include Buildings, roads, afforestation and site organization, water and sewage works, electricity, mechanical and electronic works, dams, city cleanliness and waste disposal, which are classified from first to fourth degree in nine areas, and many governmental and private projects related to these areas have been implemented.

In recent years, the company has taken close steps and achieved strong steps that have earned excellent results at the level of projects, revenues and general income, due to the projects it has accomplished and resources and assets, in addition to the unlimited ambition to expand in that, enlarge and diversify the base of projects and investments, and search for new opportunities to increase Our activities and this is the most important characteristic of our presence on the map of the construction sector in the Kingdom.

 We are continuing and moving forward, Allah willing, in translating policies to reach the desired goals and achieve the best results that make us at the forefront of the supportive ranks of this country’s renaissance in the construction sector ,urban and economic boom that follows it, which puts us in the ranks of the major general construction companies in terms of executive, technical and administrative strength for major projects through the company’s various and diversified sectors.

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